Stack ICSP Breadboard Adapter

Introduction: Stack ICSP Breadboard Adapter

Enough wasting my time to wired the ICSP programmer to my µc !

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Step 1: I Have an An Idea !

The ICSP programmers are supplied with a flat cable and a 10-pin connector, but ...

1) this connector is not labeled

2) connection on a bread board require extra cable

3) the cable inversion is possible

To resolve this problem, i imagine a simple PCB stacked on the µc with an ICSP connector

Step 2: It Is Not Too Ugly

I decided to create a stacked addaptor that plug directely on the breadboard and do not disturb the other available breadbord holes

The addapteur have been designed for ATMEGA328P (µc that I used most) but the idée is there

Enjoy it

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