Stalactite Lamp Design

Introduction: Stalactite Lamp Design


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Step 1: ​Materials

2 pieces big metal ring and 2 pieces smaller ones,thin metal wire, 2 pieces small rings, white spray paint, lamp socket, iron cutting tool, dermal, welding machine and lamp.

Step 2:

First if all use the welding machine and reunite the big metal rings with the smaller ones. And cut the other parts off.

For the lamp place reunite the small rings and cut the other parts off. The 2 new parts that you have must be reunite again with the left sticks.

Step 3:

Cut a metal piece to locate onto the small rings.Drill the center of the metal piece for electrical cable enterance.

Step 4:

To locate the wire give to the metal some notches via dermal. To welding the wires surround the wire 2 times and pass from the big ring to the small ones and make the wire tense

Step 5:

Paint the structure to the white with spray paint.

As final step connect lamp and lamp socket.

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    5 years ago

    ı would say that the design work :))) its great


    Beautiful! If you include a few more details in your intro step, I would love to feature this project.