The Perfect Snow Ball




 So, its that time of year know,  when the Snowball League of The World (SLW) starts recruiting members for its battles and what not.

the only qualification is that you know how to make the perfect snowball. and here is how its done. 

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Step 1: First

call to the snow gods to bring you some snow.

Step 2: Second

 after getting on the appropriate gear for some snowball action. go outside and find a fresh pile of fluff. 

reach your hands in and grab a little more than two handfuls.

Step 3: Third

Smash the two handfuls into each other. the tighter you make it, the more damgae points that you will get. you can not exceed 200p though or you will get disqualified.

Step 4: Fourth

take out a ruler and measure the widest part of your creation.

the official size of an SLW snowball is in the range of 3.5 to 4.5 inches. 

Step 5: Fifth

 add more snow to the ball if its not quite big enough. repeat step 3.

Step 6: Last

 once you have the perfect snowball. find a wall or another being on this planet and throw it in their direction.

If you hit the person, you win. good job. 

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    40 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I will try it I would love a snow ball

    Hmm...... I think I'll make a slush ball with rocks and salt in the middle then cover it in normal snow. Btw, 6 GRADERS FTW!


    9 years ago on Step 6

    This really does not need to be an instructables. BTW i perfer making a normal snow ball and lighting a fire cracker, sticking the firecracker inside the snowball and THEN throwing it.

    kid at school threw a 511 pointer at me right in the face really hard it was REALY PAINFUL!!!!!! then i got up and (this is totally legal and non'bullying because he was 1 foot taller and way older than me) and i wreseld him into 2 feet of frozen ice snow and got snow in his ears. he won't underestimate a 6th grader again!

    14 replies

    what a sec i think your the prick who hit me in the head fear your elders if it was u i hope you injoyed the missing teeth  mines totaly justafyed his friend tryed to stab me