Unknown Knot or Double Slip Lock




I have no idea if this is a knot,
or knot system like the trucker hitch. it's easy to make quickly. after a heavy load it is super easy to untie.

Step 1: Make a Slip Knot

Just follow along here to make one Slipknot

Step 2: Make Another Slipknot Below That Slipknot

This is just showing you how to make the knot that I'm talking about

Step 3: Gather Slack From First Slipknot

Once you've pulled the Slipknot from the running and into the first Slipknot you'll end up with a loop that will hold under a load.

Step 4: How to Untie the Knot

Simply pull the loose or running the end of your line and the whole thing will come undone

Step 5: This Is My First Instructable So Please Let Me Know What I Could Have Done Better I Love This Community and It Feels Good to Contribute



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    And if Anyone has a better (or the real) name i will edit this post.
    Thanks in Advance