Wooden Pc Case




Introduction: Wooden Pc Case

my own fully handmade wooden pc case, this one goes for sale ~150$



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    I know its been said many times , but the ventilation is a huge issue with this one. but if they can get it to work out it would be great, just wish there would be more instructable-ish instruction haha

    I must agree with most of the comments, this is not eBay or Craiglist, so unless you provide the "how to" part it should not be posted here.

    As to the price, well I would prefer to build it myself, but the $150 is not unreasonable. One comment objected to the price because it is handmade, but that is what makes it more expensive than some machine-stamped mass produced case.

    Without vents on at least one side, or the front, I would think the case would cause a very quick meltdown from the heat.

    The design certainly gives me some ideas.

    well, it's a nice case cladding, and not a computer case. It's also not an instructable, and there shouldn't be the hustle, but - those things should have made this fail the entry moderation, no? So we shouldn't be mean to the guy.

    Yeah we want the fruits of your labor for free, we can build it better and cheaper our selves, but you have to tell us how ever though we know more about it than you do. $150 for a hand made product is ridiculous, mom will never give us that much money to buy one!

    i could build that in 25 min for 50 dollars using beech and cherry. what wood did you use? it looks like Luann. and this is not craigslist, ebay or etsy nobody sells anything on this website we are here for the knowledge and to admire the creativity of others and what they do.

    This isn't EBay! This is Intructables. This is a site to teach as well as inspire others. The case is nice and I admire your skill as well as respect trying to make a buck this day and age but please do it at the right place and time.

    I think your work is amazing, and I would much rather pay the 150 on a case like this than run down to the local computer shop and pay the same price for a standard case they gave a simple paint job and swapped some fans on.

    5 bucks of lumber and 2 dollars worth of time and you want 150. Ohhh.... I forgot the 15 dollar case, that's where you get 150. It's a nice case other than the mixture of grains in the wood. You might want to remake the door to match the piece below or the other way. Good job can't wait to see the next one.

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    $2 worth of time? Where do you get that from? I (and I'm not a huge earner) would have to build that case in under 5 minutes in order to only spend $2 worth of my time on it.

    Maybe $150 is a little steep, and I'd prefer to build my own from an instructable, but I don't think it's as hugely unreasonable as you make out.

    People on this site would (wood?) be more interested in how you made it, so they could make their own, rather than buying it.

    $150?! What's it made from Gold. oh no wait its wood. Is it just pine wood?