Wooden Vintage Box

hey everyone!

this is how you can make a really nice wooden box to store small items in!

If you make one please put a picture and comment so i can see how it worked out:D

Step 1: What You Will Need.

2 small hinges,

a small latch,

plastic wood,

wood finish (optional),

wood varnish,

a piece of wood at least half an inch thick, 30 inches long and 5 inches wide,

a hack saw or circular saw,

small nails,

a hammer,

and a sander.

Step 2: Planing the Box.

first draw the lines for the shape of your box and cut along them (I used a circular saw) although a hacksaw or something similar will work.

Step 3: Sanding!

sand all the edges of the box, make sure you get it smooth:)

Step 4: Putting the Box Together!

piece all the panels together using a hammer and some small nails, make sure t leave the top panel separate for the lid.

Step 5: Using the Plastic Wood!

use the plastic wood to fill in any gaps in-between the panels, also dont forget to close the lid quickly because it dries out very quickly(you can use your fingers or a butter knife to place the plastic wood)

Step 6: Painting Time!

use a paintbrush and wood finish to make your box look very nice! (this step is optional)

Step 7: Varnishing!

varnish all the panels using wood varnish, it gives it a nice gloss and seals the wood finish:)

Step 8: Final Touches

put the hinges and latch in place making the box complete!

you done!

thanks for reading, enjoy:D



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