Ikea "hol" Turned Into a Flower Pot

Introduction: Ikea "hol" Turned Into a Flower Pot

I used this product for storage on the balcony for many years and it got all dusted and humidity. this Sunday i decided to turn it into a flower pot

Step 1: Remove Eroded Parts

in this picture you can see the bottom of the furniture and how it got eroded, so naturally i had to remove it.

Step 2: Wheel Modification

i used electric welding to attach iron corner on each of the 4 wheels, since i could not put them in the corners of the construction.

Step 3: Wheel Attachment

wheel attachment

Step 4: Capacity Reduction

as this furniture had lots of space i had to reduce some in order for the pot to be easily moved along the balcony.
I used these wooden bars to hold the new bottom, and this way my construction is not permanent, i can change the height anytime according to the flowers.
for the bottom i used 2 different pieces of wood leaving a gap in between for the water drainage.

Step 5:

Step 6: Water Drainage

Step 7:

i used cheap wooden corners

Step 8:

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