Introduction: Improved Funnel Made of Waste

i made it coz now a days for reusing purpose we use beverage bottles and water bottles but they r tough to fill up and there is alwayz a chance of liquid spilling. so i tired something that can be easy to use and can be made easily out of waste.

Step 1: Materials

1. two plastic bottles

2. chisel

3. rubber hammer or normal hammer or anything to bang

4. knife

5. file set

6. araldite epoxy resin

7. bench vise or hand vise

Step 2: Cut a Whole in the Bottle Caps

with chisel cut approximate same sized hole in both of the bottle caps.

remember the rubber inside the cap should remain inside and the hole will include the rubber coz it ensures air tightness.

Step 3: File the Woles

file the hole edges and also the top of the caps coz rough surface helps the adhesives to stick firmly

Step 4: Apply Adhesives

now make the araldite epoxy resin mixer. then apply it to the cap surface

Step 5: Keep It to Attach

now using bench vise keep them tightly together for next 6-8 hours to settle the adhesive.

Step 6: Make More Water Sealed

well using poly amalgamating tape locally called rubber tape give it a rubber coating at the junction of both caps.

Step 7: Done

now u r dine. now attach a water bottle which is cut by knife at ur desired hight. now attach the other end of the cap to bottle and pour water with out any spill.

hope it makes life a bit easier