Improved Mounting for the Main Gearmotor on Jura Coffeemachines [mod]



Introduction: Improved Mounting for the Main Gearmotor on Jura Coffeemachines [mod]

Jura Coffeemakers produce delightful Espresso, but those machines aren't built for a lifetime.
We happen to have one of those great machines in our office (Jura E70). We fixed a couple of "code black" issues over the years and most of the time the needed spare parts are not very expensive and easy to get. 

The geared motor which drives the coffee making itself is a different story. I replaced the motor two times before.
On both occasions the mounting failed. The motor itself was in perfect shape.
The motor provides all the force for compressing the coffee powder and after that for draining the water out of the waste coffee.
The motor is powerful and has a nice worm gear. The replacement part runs for 30-40 EUR.

Jura decided to use 5 mm screws on each side of the gear box for mounting. The screws are fine and so is the aluminum frame the motor is attached to.
But the Motor itself only provides two small plastic lips with small brass washers for the screws.

A few weeks ago the motor broke again and I began to realize that there are already 2 broken motors in my bin.

The new fixture
This time I came up with the idea to create a new fixture. The new mounting will allow me to use one of the broken motors and to mount the motor for eternity. (whatever eternity means in terms of coffee makers)

I designed a simple clip which surrounds the whole gearbox and replaced the screws with longer ones. As a result the whole
gearbox is securely bolted to the aluminum frame.

How to:
1. Take everything apart. (use Google)
2. Take motor out
3. Glue the broken part back in place. (just to get the direction, does not need to be very rigid)
4. 3D Print the fixture:
5. Cut out the upper side of the gear box a little. This gets you a flat surface for the upper beam of the fixture.
6. Glue the fixture in place. I used hot glue, two component adhesive would be fine as well.
7. Reassemble and bolt the whole thing back in place with longer 5mm screws.

What you need:
1. broken gear motor
2. 3D printed fixture:
3. new screws: 5 x 60 mm with a flat head. I used Allen Screws. Washers would be nice.
4. Glue: two component adhesive or hot glue

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9 months ago

Hi, thank you so much for your help ! I managed to fix a Jura Impressa E10 with that fixture. I haven't glued anything, and the broken part is still missing, but it seems to work nicely ! Thanks again !


Question 1 year ago

Hello, thank you for the nice project. I am facing the same issue with the motor, would like to repair it "your" way, but i don't have the broken missing piece. Would that be possible to make on "arm" of the printed piece longer and with this "longer arm" replace also the missing piece? If I ajdust the gears (motor and long one) properly, then glue, could that work? Thank you very much for your reply.