Introduction: Easy Incense Holders

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Incense gets a bad rap for being too hippie but I love it – especially this sage version. Up until this weekend, I was burning my incense in an old Altoids case so it was about time for an upgrade.

I made these holders from air-dry clay which I then painted and varnished. It takes a few days for the clay to dry, but it's an overall fast and fun process. Plus, it's pretty awesome to make something out of clay without having to use a kiln or even an oven!

Supplies: paper clay, arcylic paint, varnish, paint brushes

Step 1: Mold Clay Into Desired Shape

Break off a small chunk of your air-dry clay - I used a knife but you can just use your fingers too. Roll the piece into a 1-inch ball and mold it into your desired shape. Pierce a hole at the top with an incense stick so that the stick can stand without tipping over.

Step 2: Drying Time!

Let your holders dry for 1-3 days depending on their thickness. I turned mine over on the second day so that the bottoms dried quicker.

Step 3: Paint Your Holders

Once dry, paint your holders, then let them dry (about 15 minutes if your layer of paint isn't too thick) and cover with 1-2 coats of varnish using a large synthetic brush.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Place your holder onto a dish (or even a seashell), light your incense and enjoy!