Introduction: Intex Kayak Sailing

sailing with an intex kayak

Step 1: 140 Euros Total Cost Intex Kayak Sailing

being in experimentation with sailing boats construction , i decided to start with a very low budget sailing boat. So I used my inflatable kayak in order to save money.The biggest problem was to make that kayak stable enough and the only way to do that was by adding two big handmade pontoons for stabilizers. the material used for the pontoons was pvc coated fabric 0.5 mm ( used also for tend and truck covering).

There are two parts glued together in each balloon one cone and one cylinder. The glue I used was polyurethane pvc
glue also used in inflatable boat industry I think that was the easiest way and best airtight way to glue pvc fabric. At the frond end I glue the cone to the cylinder offset so the upper part of the balloon to be straight. The back end of the balloon i just glued the cylinder fabric vertically. I used a 3 cm strip of the same fabric to glue all the joints in order to have better strength at the joints.

for valves i used the cheaper and easyest to find valves..... car tyre valves .

Step 2:

the hard thing was to find a way to secure with portable way ballons and sail to the kayak .

so i used pvc pipe wich i have cut and curve using hot air gun in order to fit exactly at the points where safety rope of the kayak was