Introduction: CDs in a Bottle

I decide to do something cool and creative with a water bottle that also represents me. That's why I decided to make a CD holder. It is a very organized, cool way to store your favorite CDs. It also allows you to grab a CD and go a lot faster than keeping them in a CD case. My creation is called "CDs in a bottle."

Step 1: Raw Materials

It doesn't take that much supplies to make this creation. Here are some things you will need:
-An empty water bottle

-Two water bottle caps

-Paper towels


-Two different colored base paints



-any paints, jewels, ect. that you want to decorate it with

Step 2: Cutting the Bottle

To begin with making a "CDs in a bottle", you first remove the plastic rapper. Then, get a big pair of scissors and cut four slots in the middle of the bottle. Each should be about a fourth of an inch thick, and about four and a half inches long. If you have an Mp3 or an ipod that you want to make a slot for it, simply go to the top of the bottle and cut a slot, depending on the size of your accessory.

Step 3: Painting the Base Coats

Your next step is painting the base coat one color, and let it dry. You will paint the whole bottle that color except the cap. For example, i painted mine black. Be sure to lay down paper towels just in case.

Step 4: Painting the Caps

For this step, pick a different, brighter color paint than your original base coat, such as lime green. Take off the water bottle's cap and paint it this color, as well as two other water bottle caps. Let it sit and dry for the time needed.

Step 5: Attaching the Legs

After the paint is dry, put the one cap back on the bottle. Then, with good, strong glue, glue the two other caps onto the far side of your CD slots. Be sure that they are evenly spread out, so the bottle doesn't fall over.

Step 6: Decorating

The last and final step is decorating the bottle to express yourself. You can use paint, stickers, jewels, whatever you want to use to make the finishing touches. Me, I used bright pink and orange fabric paints to make music notes. As for you, do whatever you want, this is the fun part!

Step 7: Give It a Go

Now that you are completely done, and the paints dry, give it a go. Put your CDs and Mp3 in your "CDs in a bottle", and place it somewhere special in your room. Be proud of yourself, you didn't throw away empty bottle, instead you used it for something useful!

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