Introduction: Instructables Robot Paper

About: Im Eric Dirgahayu , im a robot maker at diy project

"Hello, i am Robot , and i made From a Paper..bib...bib..." Hahaha...Yes this cute robot toy made from a print paper and cardboard. hey He can walk forward, backward and turn. you can make it too just follow my instructables. :)

Step 1: Making a Material Part

If you want to make it too you, this is what you should need :

1. letter size paper


3.the picture file m you can make it self or you just download here Pic.1,here pic2 and here pic.3

4. paper glue

5. cutter and scissors

6. plastic ring

7. disposable chopsticks

8.motor DC 3volt


10.rubber band

11.swich On/Off

12. batere holderfor 2 battery and full battery

13. wire

For first download the file and print it, cut on the object picture and glue it on a cardboard, cut on the outline of the picture so you have a carboard with a picture part.

Step 2: Folding and Mechanism

fold on existing lines in the image, the body section of the form into squares as well as the head. also at the fold away, fold the bottom of the foot is found on the robot, after the bottom of folded paste into two layers of cardboard on the feet, Glue on the paper connection. to make two Wheels parts parts of the large wheels and one small wheel passage (picture the yellow circle) Paste the small wheel to the large wheels equate the holes on the wheel and then overlay the longer the large wheels,so there are three layers and layers of middle wheel is a small wheel.look at the skema picture.

Plug the dc motor in a box motor body robot shaff input on existing holes see pictures, hold with screw.prepare a small toy former gear can be mounted on the motor, make a ring shaff small plate of plastis (I used a pvc water pipes) plug on the gear wheel forming small catrol, put on the motor shaff.

cut the chopsticks along 12cmm, 10 cm and 2 pieces of 2 cm. size 12 cm chopsticks to prick a hole on top of body, and 10 cm into the bottom of the hole body. attach the wheels on the bottom of the chopsticks on either side of the wheel, which consists of three layers of cardboar in pairs on either side of the existing motor. put a rubber band onthe catrol wheel on the motor shaff and robot wheel. put a 2 cm piece of chopsticks on the wheel hole is on the side of the wheel. (look at the picture)

the next step attach the left leg and his right, the hole in the base of the robotic arm mounted on the top of the chopsticks and long holes placed at foot of chopsticks that are on wheels (look on the picture).don't forget to install a plastic ring at chopsticks so as not to move. attach also the hands on top of the chopstick stand with plastic ring.

Electrical :

Connect the wires on the motor on/off swich and battery, put swich on the head, and battery the back of the attach the new battere and test, push switch on if the working leg is done. the last pair of heads and allow the swich is located in the head of the robot. and now it is time we finish work robot in action.

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