Introduction: Iphone Selfie Stick

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now a days , selfie sticks are in fashion for clicking selfies or groupies . there are many variety of these selfie sticks available in the market for every type of mobile phones ,go pros and cameras a nd are costly too.

in this instructable you will learn how to make a selfie stick for iphone 4 and shutter will be controlled by earpods.

Step 1: Material Required

1)iron/pvc pipe (about 2cm diameter)

2)old iphone cover

3)aluminium sheet (1mm thick and 2cm x 10cm)

4)2 screws with nuts

5)glue gun

6)drill machine

7)elastic bands


9)marker pen


Step 2: Lets Start

-take the aluminium sheet and measure and mark the width of the cover this will be the mark from where we will bend it .

-now drill 2 holes about 3cm apart, following this mark the holes on the pipe and drill them too.

-now take the aluminium sheet and bend it to the angle 75degree.

-place the aluminium sheet to the pipe with the help of screws

-now with the help of glue gun ,paste the iphone cover on the aluminium sheet as shown in pictures

done !!!
-now , just place the iphone in the cover and connect the earpods and take a selfie .

Earpods are connected so that you can control the shutter of iphone's camera by volume up(+) button on earpods.

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