Introduction: Jenffer a Jay's and How to Fix Broken Cassette Tapes

hi it's me jenffer a jay  here again.

this time i will show you how to fix you old broken cassette
i have been fixing tapes of all tpys over 35 years now 

   ok be for you fix you tape do the follow stepss
 step  one..   wash   your hands  
 step two...... find somewhere in your  home that is  free from static 
step three.... get the following  thing to fix your tape
1 invistbie tape
  2 siossors
3 one #0 "+" srewdriver
4 a old yellow bic pen


 here is the trps of brocken tapes out there...

tpy one the simple cut one..

 this is the most commen tpy

  step 1 ...cut the ends of the tape like in the pik
 step 2.....get a pace of invisible  tape and put it at one end of the tape..faceing the casstte  like you see in the pic
  step 3.... join the end like you see in pic
  step 4... now cut the exter invisible tape like this.. then repete on the other side
now it shoud look like this if not redo the steps
then slowly.. wring up the tape like this with you old yellow bic pen
untill it look like this...(see the pic)

now tpy 2

the 'brockening in two"

 yes the broken in two or the one that just got run over
 yes you can save then two... even the one that got wroped by heat  of got little on the maeled side

 what your need for this...

the same as the other step + the following

a old unused unwated tape you know like how to make cash tape or those tapes that some give to you at chistmas and so ....

or a blank tape...

ok got it 

so here is the step

step a free that tape from the old broken body
step b open open the one one remove inside of that tape and put it a side.....
step c put the tape that your just got out from the broken one
step d put  the tape in it new body
step e close it

 this will take time so have a lot of Patience of this and i ment that you donit rush on this  or you will serwin up and your have to do it over again....

now this if you all day and lots of   Patience this one  for you

"the ball of tape"
yes... went pulled out all the tape agggggg but as i siad if you have the  Patience  to this and roll it back on the rub 

and if good untagleing with wool or string or chishmas lights  you can do this it the same way.....

note..... there is a lot more to come  they lot more to cover to wet tape to muddy one and so on...

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