Introduction: Jet Water Pump 9-12 Volt Easy to Use 'v2.0' Update 13/11/2014 'video' Added

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video of this project

I had seen many instructable so i tried to make a different kind of water pump with knowledge of jet engines

Its my first instructable just try to manage

v2.0:- 9/11/2014
there in 2.0 the no of blade set is incresed by two which give more thrust in water flowing

Video v2.0


Step 1: Require Things

So the require these things:-

1. DVD writer shaft or u can use any old toys shaft

2. DC motor .. if you got powerful from hair dryer than tht will b great otherwise u can use motor from toys or dvd RW..

I take it from stoneaged vcd player which not in use.

3. Its a solid glue kind of paste u can find nearer store with get solid hard stone after 4-5 hours by mix both paste

4. Plastic plate .. it must b hard u can get it from bottels of syrup

5. Old camera roll box .. becouse it have a cover which give support to shaft

Step 2: Making of Blades

Cut the plastic in the pieces with radius of camera roll box ( prefer to take 3mm small than radius)

Now its one edge touch to solder iron so than it gets littel thick from one edge .. which help these blades in next step

Make 8 blades like this

Step 3: Shaft

Mix both paste and apply those on shaft .. dont hurry it takes tym to get solid...

Just after making a glue layer of 2mm just start to place blades on it ..

Blades must b slightly tilted at 30degree angle so that these will not get that much of force by which your motor will get burn ..

After adding 8 blades u get like this

Prefer to add blades by placing 1 blade than second one in oppositw side ..than 3rd on 90degree than 4th on 3rds opposite .. by this u will get symmetry

Step 4: V2.0 Blades

There the blades are setted same as in v1.0 but these blades have little big angle ( about 40 degree) compare to previous and these are just below the main blades ..

by large angle there the water came from first blade will not stuck between second blade becoz the second blade large angle blades able to give more thrust.

There must b careful that blades are just middle of another blades becoz by this you will assumed to b get a bigblade like structure shown in image 2

Step 5: Turbine

Make holes just in middle on both sides of box so than u can see holes in a linefrom both side .. These holes size nearer to shaft size so that shaft can freely move in this .. Dnt make too much big by which shafting start vibrating there

Step 6: Assembling

By inserting shaft in box u get a accurate measurment than add a plastic sheet on shaft so that water not come from back side and make your motor wet

Blades are must inside of 5-8mm frm box edge becoz cover also have some groove which make shaft stop

Make a outlet hole on suface of box in size of 1cm^2 thts much bigger

Step 7: Final Touch

Now put all these on stick.. i prefer to use wire coating heat tube which get tight while touch to solder iron to join motor to shaft..

Just see this how it work...

Make the inlet hole much bigger and outlet must b bigger one so that water can come out. u can make inlet by solder iron ..

Check the direction of motor rotation so that water flow..

l used only 5 volts supply so cant get tht much of force ..
For superb result go for bldc motor which can we water proof just by coating solder spots. I have one but didnt get thr perfect circuit to drive at full speed. If any of u have the knowledge of 3phase bldc plz reply.

In future updates will come...