Jugger Weapons Remix




Introduction: Jugger Weapons Remix

Have fun with it and I am not responsible if someone gets killed or injured!!!


Step 1: Make Your Template

first you need to cut the PVC pipe for a normal sword I think that 3 feet of PVC is good. Use pipe cutters to cut your PVC to desired length.

Step 2: Cut Pool Noodle

now you want to cut your noodle. no matter how long your sword is you will want a handle duh! I like my handle about 8 inches long so I cut my pool noodle to 30 inches.

Step 3:

Once you cut the pool noodle push the PVC up through the hole in the pool noodle until there is only 8 inches of PVC sticking out. then you cover the pool noodle in duct tape and pus eletrical tape on the handle and you are done!

Step 4:

If you have any questions or suggestions then leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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