Introduction: 'juno' Hamburger Cell Phone

yes, i too have been smitten by the 'little movie that could' named 'juno'; but (even before actually seeing the flick) i was more drawn to juno's hamburger phone. i couldn't resist buying one, i'm assuming that it has something to do with being a product of the 80's where corded phones were available in all different shapes (cars, lips, cartoon characters, et al) at the 'spencer's gifts' in the shopping mall. but what to do with it's cord that kept the little hamburger grounded to a 5 foot radius from the wall outlet like lindsey lohan under house arrest. it was a simple solution to make the phone mobile rather than inviting everyone over to our house and lead them into the office where i could show my souvenier of pop culture nostalgia. i would dremel and glue my razor phone into the guts of a plastic burger like a young frakenstein (that's pronounced: fr-ahnk-en-shteen) so that i could parade it around and show of the most absurdly impractical thing that i have ever made.