Introduction: Kind Crocodile

About: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, i'm an art teacher, and also make paper mache

for this kind crocodrile puppet we will use this materials
- chopsticks
- cardboard
- white silk paper
- 1 styrofoam ball
- paint and brushes

Step 1: Measure the Teeth

Measure 1" of the chopsticks end
then start to sand pointy ends and cut diferents measures of theet

Step 2: Mark and Cut the Head on the Cardboard

mark the head
cut a stripe of cardboard
join the part with masking tape

Step 3: Glue the Teeth

glue the prevoius made theet to the inside of the crocodrile mouth

Step 4: Attach a Stripe

hot glue a stripe at the top of the crocodrile head ( for your hand )

Step 5: Use Paper Macheee

use this glue and stripes of white paper to paper mache the puppet
add the - cut in half  -ball
cover the eyes too

Step 6: Paint It With Colors

use regular school paint
mix the colors for brightness
give the mouth a fleshy look

Step 7: Now You Can Play With It

wear a green shirt and use the puppet