Introduction: Kinect 3d Face Recognition Lock

recently i came across some great  software for xbox kinect so i decided to upgrade my preexisting face recognition project. the software is called artectid (the software is included in zip file). 
things you'll need:
270 ohm resistor
diode 1n4007 or 1n4004
xbox kinect
OpenNI-Compliant Sensor Driver v5.1.2.1} get them from here:
and of course oem windows kinect sdk get it here:

Step 1: Shematic

First put together arduino relay switch like on shematic 

Step 2: Uploading Arduino Code

int incomingByte = 0;

void setup() {
        pinMode(12, OUTPUT);   

void loop() {

if (Serial.available() < 1) {

incomingByte =;         
if (incomingByte == 67) {
   digitalWrite(12, LOW);


Step 3: Installing Drivers

first install windows kinect sdk
then OpenNI SDK v1.5.4.0.
and after that OpenNI-Compliant Sensor Driver
and of course artecid( ArtecWELCOME-v1.0.0.141-x64-de6d925.exe)included in zip

Step 4: Creating Task

next copy application.windows32 from arduino kinect to desktop. Then create task in windows task Task Scheduler it should look
like  the uper images.

Step 5: Enroll Your Faceprofile

Step 6: Set Pc to Lock After 1 Minut When Idle