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This kitchen roller cabinet is a neat little project i came up with to add a bit more counter top space and a place to keep the garbage can at the same time.

Step 1: Start With the Cabinet

I started with a basic unfinished wall cabinet 30'' tall 12'' deep and 18 '' wide.

Step 2: Bottom Frame

step (1) I cut some 2x4s in half so there a 1 1/2x 1 1/2 square .

step(2) i cut 2 pieces 26'' long and 2 pieces 19'' long screwed them together to make the bottom frame.

step(3) pre drilled holes in the bottom of the cabinet and screwed the bottom frame to the bottom of the cabinet..

Step 3: Top Frame.

step (1) I needed the cabinet to be about 3 inches taller so i ripped on the table saw three 3 '' pieces which i cut to size to fit inside the top of the cabinet and screwed them in .

step(2) I then cut my top pieces with the same material i used on the bottom frame. 2 pieces 29 '' long and 2 pieces 19'' long to male the top frame.

Step 4: Side Boards

Step (1) i cut some pieces of ship lap boards to use as the sides and back 33'' long . Then pin nailed them to the frame.

Step 5: Garbage Can Slider Rack

Step (1) i ripped some boards to 3/4 by 1 1/2 long to make a frame for the garbage can. frame is 15'' long by 12'' wide.

step (2) i bought 2 rails 16'' long closed and 32'' long when open.

step (3) install the rails making sure that the rails are perfectly squared in the the opening before screwing them into place .

step(4) make sure slide moves in and out freely without binding.

Step 6: Prefitting

step(1) prefit the garbage can making sure it fits properly.

step (2) make sure slider slides in and out smoothly with garbage can in place..

Step 7: Making the Door

step(1) the door was made by cutting shiplap boards 31'' long and was made 16'' wide. screwed together on the inside with 2 inch scrap pieces of wood glued and then screwed into the back of the door .

step (2) I took 2 pieces of 1/4'' by 1'' flat steel bent the proper angles ,pre drilled both ends and installed them to the back of the door and top of the slider frame..

Step 8: Making the Counter Top

step(1) For the top i cut a piece 26'' long by 16'' long from a piece of left over counter top i had laying around.

step(2) i ripped 4 pieces of oak trim board to 2'' long for a nice boarder around the top .

step (3) i pre drilled holes for the # 10 finish nails i used to assemble the boarder the top counter top.

Step 9: Finished

Ready to use .

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    7 years ago

    A garbage/recycling/compost slider is on my wishing for next kitchen reno. Another wish for said would be ability to open it with my foot to avoid dirty hands phenomenon.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a really great idea. We've needed something like this at my house. Added to my list of to-do's. Thanks a lot, man! ;)