Kitchen Table (wooden)

Introduction: Kitchen Table (wooden)

I made this kitchen table to fit 10 men, I made it with 3, 4x4 fence post and 4 reclaimed scaffolding boards

Step 1: To Make the Legs

to make 1 leg will use just 1 post

cut two pieces at 26 inches long on a 15 degree angle

cut one piece 14 inch long on a 15 degrees angle on both ends this will be used for the cross section

cut one more piece for the top of the leg 28 inches long and feather out the ends of the wood as shown in pics

(I done all my cuts on a chop saw and some with a hand saw)

use 6 inch screws to join all pieces together at least 2 at each joint/connection

Step 2: Joining the Two Legs

I used 1 full length of a fence post for this (8 foot)

I screwed this in the middle of the middle cross section as shown

I used 3, 6 inch screws at each end

Step 3: Making the Table Top

I lost some pictures of this step...

first I cut down all 4 scaffolding boards to one size and sanded them down with a rough sand paper (20 grit)

then I uses a metal wall strap to join all 4 boards together with 1/2 inch screws as shown in picture 1 and scrap pieces of wood at the end this helped join all 4 boards together, after making the table top I placed it on top of my legs I made earlier evenly at each end the table top is 10 ft long and the legs are 8 foot long leaving 1 foot at each end after placing the top on top I used wood glue and 2 inch screws to join the table top and legs together, use the 2 inch screws underneath the table top on the end of the wood were its feathered down this is so the screws can go all the way threw the post and get hold of the table top stopping it from moving after this stain the top to the colour you want it to be the dark drown gives it a rustic look.

Step 4: Finished Product

this table is able to hold up to 10 people


4 reclaimed scaffolding boards

3, 4x4 fence post

6 inch screws

2 inch screws

1 metal band strap



chop saw

hand saw


drill bits


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    Wow it looks awesome, and you broke down the steps really well, nice job! Thanks for sharing and welcome to instructables!