Introduction: Knex X Bow

An awesome cross bow that shoots around 30-50 ft.

It has a true trigger, a slide barrel , uses rubber bands ,and it shoots 35 to 40 ft

the ammo is a red ,yellow ,or orange connector pushed to the back of the barrel.
note. the rubber band has to be inside the orange connectors slot.

this is a cool link

Step 1: The Slide

1. make thees parts
2. but the orange connectors on the white rods
3. put the last row on
4. make and gather thees parts
5. put the parts together
6. line up the part like this
7. put it on

Step 2: Arms

1. the front put two gay rods on
2. build it like this it will be the same in the top and bottom and left and right
3. closer view
4. put more peaces on two of thees
6. put them on like this

Step 3: The Trigger

well you're almost done
1. make this
2. make this
3. put them boat together
4.make 4 of thees
5.make this
6.put the Bs on the C like this
7.put B on
8.flip the cross bow over like this and put the trigger on
9.the connection point
10.connection point

Step 4: The Last Step

1.make the handle
2.different view
3.make thees
4.put them together
5.put the handle on
6. put the handle/butt on the gun.

Step 5: The Rubber Bands

1. you need at least two one for the trigger and one for the bow i got mine from lettuce they work okay
2. put one on the trigger
3. around the handle and to the other side of the trigger rap it around the blue rod till its tight enough ,as i didn't do
4. put the front rubber band on
5 like this

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