Introduction: Knex Rock Band/GH Bass (working)

about a month ago,i build my own guitar for Jam Legend and Rock Band (FoFiX on PC, not the official game...) because the keyboard was boring and can't flip the laptop,lol.
i used knex and a usb trust gamepad, 8 buttons at it for 1euro
the first guitar is based on the Guitar Hero II guitar,but in mirror. skinny, irregular strum size but it had 5 solo frets (totally 10 frets) :p
i turned it in a bass,cleaner,solid, fixed strum,no annoying double strum,only 5 frets, whammy bar(analog soon, on/off for now). heavier than a GH guitar
took me 2 days to make first one, another 2 days for the bass. frets buttons from old radios,vcr...

knex stratocaster guitar coming this week (i must rebuild the frets buttons)

so, what do you think?
ps; i finished Smashing Pumpkins - Zero, guitar expert about 95 /100 (percent). many of the last played songs on jam legend i played with the bass.
add me, dani5639

7.04: -played Dragonforce-Though Fire And Flames, Hard ,81%, 2221/ 2723 notes hit.
-GHIII tier 2 and 3, Expert or Hard guitar, atleast 5 RB stars on each.i can't play better
on a keyboard or GH guitar
videos and knex guitar images added!