Knex Car Launcher Insructions

Introduction: Knex Car Launcher Insructions

i have disided to make instruction for my car gun

Step 1: Parts List

total parts=583

120 yellow 5 slot
11 dark gray 1 slot
8 white 8 slot
26 red 3 slot
62 orange 2slot

34 yellow
6 gray (mine are orange)
15 white
105 green
11 blue

68 blue spacers
12 small wheels

see below for detailed part list

for the car you will need:

24 yelllow 5 slot 
8 dark gray 1 slot
5 white 8 slot

8 yellow 

12 small wheels

total parts for car=57

for the barrel of the gun you will need

96 yellow 5 slot
3 dark gray 1 slot
3 white 8 slot
 42 orange 2 slot


22 yellow
90 green

64 blue spacers
2+ a strand of four elastic bands

total for barrel= 335

for the trigger and handles you will need


26 red 3 slot
20 orange 2 slot

4 yellow
6 gray(mine are orange)
15 white rods
 15 green rods
11 blue rods

4 blue spacers
total for trigger and handle=97

got all the parts then lets get building

Step 2: The Car

just follow the steps and read the image notes

Step 3: The Barrel

smae again just read the notes
beware this is very time consuming and the hardest step of all

Step 4: The Trigger,handles and Extras

just read the notes 

Step 5: Putting It All Together

read the notes and your nearly done

Step 6: Attaching Elastics

follow instructions on pictutes

Step 7: Your Finished

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