Knex Crawler Crane

Introduction: Knex Crawler Crane

  • My knex crawler crane is 8 feet tall
  • The crane can only lift 14lbs
  • It is controlled by the base by three little levers one controls the arm going up and down, another controls the hook up and down, and one more controls the hook in and out.
  • In the cab there is a seat that folds forward and a dash and the control lever the are for show
  • It also has a deck down by the controls, that has a ladder to the ground for scale factor.
  • Another thing is it can rotate 360 deg.
  • It has 150 feet of string on the arm.
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    Trask b
    Trask b

    7 years ago on Introduction

    If I win the contest I well be adding a second arm on to the crane so it has more control and reach like the image below.


    I love this, it brings back many memories of when I was a kid. I used to build these all of the time. Ecellent job.