Introduction: Paper Ariplane Bomber (updated Clearer Pictures)

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this is an airplane that is made of paper but drops knex rods, pencils, pens, about anything thats that size and shape.

this is great for school since it is easy to make and effective,
at the end of the year last year (07) i did make a paper airplane that did do this but it didnt fly far and the missle didnt even get close to the target, but it proved that this idea could work in school.

you might be wondering "why should i make this for outside of school?" well it can be used for a war game, if like the rules are first to get hit 3x losses, and you cant reach your foe because they are behind a tabble and they have a automatic, and all you got is your bolt action pistol left, you can fly one of these over the table and bomb them!

ok enough talk time for the instructions

Step 1: The Materials You Need

the materials u need are simple, a regular 8 1/2 by 11 sheet comp paper and your amo/ bomb of choice (like a pencil, yellow knex rod, pen and what not

Step 2: The Nose of the Plain

ok now to start,

the first step is to do the basic 2 fold right triangle on the tall side not the long side, like that basic airplain that does not fly anywhere.

Picture one is pencil lines so you can see a little easier what im trying to describe. picture 2 is the fold

Picture 3!

this kind of fold is done on more advanced airplains but why do this after picture one and two? well picture one and two help weigh down the front and also get the right shape for the bomb to be more acurate.

Step 3: The Tail and Wings

turn over your airplain so the fold lines face the table, desk, whatever you are makeing this on! just the unfolded side face you!

now the unfolded side is faceing you take the bottem and fold it to make it level with the top (basicly folr in half)

picture 3 shows that now you fold the sides in their middle! be sure to do bolth sides and you will get picture 4

picture 5, turn the airplain again and there should be 3 "hills" 2 are wings the middle is the tail.
fold the sides halfway again and you should get something like this.

that means you are finished with the airplain! but wait how to you bomb things!? well go to the next setp to find out!

Step 4: The Bomb

on the bottem of your airplain it should have 2 "hills" inbetween the wings

place your bomb of choice (pencil in my case)

pinch above it and flip again and get ready to throw! the airplain should fly and drop a bomb then go down kamakazi style! now thats what i call going down with... explotions?

last pic is just me saying somthin