Introduction: Knex Revolver

cool knex revolver

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peice count thanks to stopanator

19White connectors
6Tan clips
2 Red rods
23Yellow connectors
2Blue spacers
4Yellow rods
12Orange connectors
4Blue rods
29Lt.Grey connectors
20White rods
27Dark.Grey connectors
40Green rods

Step 1: Body Trigger and Handle

follow pretty easy

Step 2: Revolver / Turret Bit

easy just follow if you have the peices the make 2 its better for reloading

Step 3: The Rest

on the right side of the gun should be the pin which holds the revoling bit in place while you shoot you have to pull the firing pin bach till trigger locks then pull the bit on the side out the turn the revolver bit till ur lined up then let go then let go and pull trigger

have fun