Knex Sidearm

Introduction: Knex Sidearm

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i made a big rifle but i also wanted an effecient small pistol like weapon. here it is!

-easy to make
-holds 11 rounds
-adjustable front sight
-shoots 50 feet with good bands

-rediculously unaccurate
-your hand will sometimes interfier the ram while firing
-ram can sometimes be hard to pull back because it will catch on the ammo

RATING- out of 10

mobility-               ========== (10)
range-                  =======        (6)
accuracy-             ====               (4)
ammo capacity-    =======        (7)

suggested retail price- 10,000 dolphins

Step 1: Handle, Ram and Trigger

sorry, image notes wont save,
pic 1- 10 blue connectors attached with 2 yellow rods
pic 2- make (the black piece on top is a Y connector
pic 3- make
pic 4- attach
pic 5-the top is the mag pusher, the middle is the ram, the bottom is how to make the ram and you can chose between the black or orange piece

Step 2: Mag

the bottom orange connectors can be single slot connectors i was just too lazy to find any :P

pic 1- same pannels for both layers

pic 2- side

Step 3: Barrel

pic 1-   top- cut orange connectors :( , bottom- sight
pic 2- back of the barrel
pic 3- middle of the barrel (the clips on the very right must face inwards so it can guide the trigger)
pic 4- end of the barrel
pic 5- attach

Step 4: Assembly

pic 1- handle goes here
pic 2- trigger goes here, the y connector attaches to the black snowflake
pic 3- place a 2 slot connecter on both sides like so and attach with a blue rod
pic 4- attach the mag like so... (you may have to remove the top semi circle connector and slide through the top, next to the bullet guide
pic 5- put the ram through the back and add the back sight (please turn the sight around...its only turned in this pic so u know what connector it is)
pic 6- mag pusher goes in like so
pic 7- fires white rods

Step 5: Done!

attach a rubber band so it pulls the mag pusher up, and a rubber band to pull the trigger up when the gun is loaded. then just add rubber bands to the ram so it fires!

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