K'nex Smg Small Assault Rifle G12

Introduction: K'nex Smg Small Assault Rifle G12

Step 1: The Barrel(see Viccie B1993 El Diablo)

just make.

Step 2: The Clip!!!!!

tittle says it all!

Step 3: Strenght Part (for Barrel)

make these parts, if you dont, the barrel is'nt sturdy

Step 4: Top Part

comes up the strenght parts

Step 5: Handle

three layers thick

Step 6: True Trigger

trigger that is like real

Step 7: Stock

just make

Step 8: Ram Rod

for shooting i guess

Step 9: Gather / Make

make the front grips and gather the 5 white rods

Step 10: What You Will Got in Total

title says it all

Step 11: Assembly Strenght Parts to Barrel

title says it all

Step 12: Assembly Top Part at Strenght Parts

title says it all

Step 13: Assembly the Handle

and how did you guessed it? but you are right! again the title says it all

Step 14: Clip Add

title says..... damn it        

add the clip

Step 15: Stock Add

add the stock (for ur sholder

Step 16: Add Front Grip

title says it all ftw

Step 17: Add Trigger

cmon just add

Step 18: Add Ram Rod and Rubs

just do it

Step 19: Lock and Load

load the blue rods in and mag pusher (sorry didn't instructed you for mag pusher but build it from pic)

Step 20: Done

finally done

made by JDproductions

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    8 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    El-Diablo- crossed with my EL-ziablo with stock ( rubish my El-Diablo with stock is way better plus u cant tell its the El-Diablo


    9 years ago on Introduction

    definatly improve the stock but if its a smg, is it? it looks like a single shot


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    no it has clip fed in the front of the gun.
    but this was our first gun so we didnt really know much about stocks :)


    thnx for the comment,

    this is our first gun so we know that it isn't all that good

    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Overdone and a rather poor front bit and poor stock.