Introduction: Knex Tech 9

ok guys heres a compact knex gun tht has bottom load feed it can fire around normal range about 30 feet or more. (that was for me cuz i have bad rubber bands) any way guys enjoy. but guys dont slam my instructable plz... its not cool.

peices needed

dark grey connectors: 29
red connectors:13
light grey connectors:2
yellow connectors:15
tan hubcaps:15
metalic blue hubcaps:4
green connectors:10
black hinge:1
white connectors:5
orange connector:6
green rods:unknown :P
white rods:6
yellow rods:5
red rods:3
tan rod:1
blue spacers:10
grey spacers:1

total is about 126 not including green rods

Step 1: Barrel

barrel and extension and other stuff

Step 2: Handles

handle number 1 and handle number 2

Step 3: Magazine

heheh this is a clasic magazine. its just shorter so it can hold blue rods.

Step 4: Connect Handles to Barel

picture explanatory.... : )

Step 5: Connect Mag.

... hi!

Step 6: Loading and Firing

follow pictures carfully mag compacity: 15 blue rods when ur all finished pull the ram back and fire!!

Step 7: Gun in Action

vid of me shooting it. lol srry toards the end my magazine almost fell off