Introduction: Knex Assault Rifle

A little harder gun then my hand gun. Some of the steps are not really clear but just try to follow it or do what every you think need to do. Some of the pic in this Instructables have a slide but on this instructables there isn't anything about the slide but I will make another one later with the slide. Sorry!
Oh yea thank Darth Gecko Man for the main gun design.

Step 1: Part 1

This is the part 1 of the gun.

Step 2: Part 2

part 2 of the gun

Step 3: Part 3

part 3 of the gun

Step 4: Building the Trigger and the Firing Pin

really easy

Step 5: Handle

pretty easy

Step 6: Assembling the Parts

follow the steps

Step 7: Adding the Rubber Bands

not really clear just try to follow the step or just put one where you think you need it.