Introduction: Knex Benillie Montefeltro Shotgun

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here's the benillie montefeltro shotgun. this is one of my most sturdy gun it used that break action shells mechanism from s0lekill3r.
it shoots about 40 ft
p.s don't shoot on the santa because i want some presents too
if you want to shoot on somebody shoot on your little brother
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part list by killjoy (thanks for that)

White 76
Orange 70
Red 14
Grey 69
Light Grey 1
Yellow 91
Blue 2
Green 5

Broken White 1
Broken Blue 1
Grey 12
Yellow 16
Blue 38
Green 192
White 193
Bendy Orange 1
Black "Reinforced Grey" 2

Ballsocket 4
Balljoint 12
Hinge With Hole 3
Hinge With Point 1
Blue Spacer 4
Y connector 27
Tan Clip 2

Thats a total of about 837 parts.

Step 1: The Body + Trigger

follow the pictures

Step 2: The Grip

this part i really like
just follow the pictures

Step 3: The Barrel

ghtydvnrnvdkf just follow the pictures again

Step 4: The Stock


Step 5: Connect Them

connect all the parts

Step 6: Ram Shells and How to Load and Fire

this is the only step I typ so
1 put the ram backwards
2 take the shells
3 put two green rods in the shells or one white rod
4 break the shotgun
5 put the shells in the body look to picture 2 and 3
6 break it back
7 pull the trigger
8 take the ram back
9 break the shotgun
10 take off the shells
11 repeat all the steps