Introduction: K'nex Imperial Mortar/heavy Blaster

a powerful single shot knex shotgun/rifle. can shoot 20 metres at best. i got the idea from ownedintheface's imperial shotgun but thought its trigger was a bit weak. it also has an ammo holder in the stock.

piece count(unfinished):
yellow connecters-39
blue snowflakes-37ish(variable)
white snowflakes-12
orange connecters-9
grey single connecters-5
wheels(no tyres)-2
red 1/4 connecters-16
biege connecters-10

and could someone please help me with explosive ammo i'm having real trouble with it

Step 1: Barrel
2.main brubber bands

Step 2: Forend these
3.join to barrel

Step 3: Lock
2.trigger-build it these
4.sight (optional)
6.wheel again ONLY MAKE ONE
7.begin to assemble
9.add spacer behind trigger
10.add handle spacer
12.attach to barrel and forend
13.rubber band to make the wheel spin back to cocked position

Step 4: Stock

1.make the stock extender (self explanatory)
2.make the butt
3.the but again DO NOT MAKE TWO
4.join to the stock extender
5.join to the gun

Step 5: The Forgotten Art of Loading & the Ancient Art of Firing

pull the rubber bans over the wheel in front of the white rod then insert ammo into barrel as far back as possible. aim and pull the trigger. YAYFUL. if you placed the rubber bands righ the wheel should spin back up, ready to be loaded again.

Step 6: Modness

1.heavy blaster (use tri-shot[3])
2.mortar (use slug[4])
3.tri-shot ammo

i know a mortar is meant to shoot explosives; i'm working on it