Introduction: Knex L96

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ok here it is this it the l96 ive been working on since march. it was a secret project no one besides dsman knew about it but even then he didnt know that i still had it it has gone through monsterous changes it doesnt even look the same. it has great range foot range. the last pic is the origanal

do not comment on the range it gets 112 feet and delete all commnents on that arguement or ill complain to the admin

Step 1: Magazine

this is a removable yellow rod magazine it requires two cut whites

Step 2: Fake Barrel

it isnt that hard

Step 3: Real Barrel


Step 4: Stock


Step 5: Mid Section/trigger


Step 6: The Connection

put it together oh yeah and make the scope

Step 7: Finished

have fun dont shoot anything you care for but please do shoot younger siblings

i am not at fault for any thing you do