Introduction: Laminate Wall Clock

I needed a piece on an empty wall in my bedroom so after I found some left over laminate boards from another project I decided to make a large wall clock. Things you'll need:

thin laminate boards (7mm or so)

(2) 1x2x8' straight, light wood.

1 or 2 clock movement mechanisms (purchased at Michaels for $8 each)

any decorative art like decals or numbers for the clock

circular saw or miter saw

nail gun w/ compressor

wood glue, clamps, wood screws, drill, drill bits, blah blah blah :)

paint or stain for the side of the box frame (optional)

picture hooks/loop to hang it

So I took 3 peices of laminate boards and did a little trimming with the circular saw to make sure they're all even lengths. Rough mock up putting them together to get the total dimensions the clock will be. mine was approx. 50"x23".

Cut the 1x2x8' down to make a simple box frame. couple wood screws on a flat surface and all done.

Step 1:

so I take out my air compressor and some 5/8" nails with some wood glue and start tacking on some boards to my box frame. afterwards I threw on some heavy boards and let the glue dry.

next day I flip it over and start measuring out the absolute center of the entire thing and start marking it up. I then mark the spots for the 3, 6, 9 and 12 points on the clock because I plan on sticking on some little gem stones i had lying around the arts/craft box. Now i purchased two clock mechinisms because i wanted to run the seconds at another location on the board. I threw that in the top right corner. After drilling some 3/8" holes and screwed the movements in, that was that. Flipped it over and screwed 2 picture loops on both top corners.

I was able to get a friend cut me down some frosted vinyl stickers I had designed in illustrator. You could purchase those stick on decals they use for walls but the area to the left and right we'll leave open to your imagination.


All in all it didn't cost that much. aside from the laminate boards all I bought was the 2 1x2's and the clock movements which totalled about $23.