Laptop Lid Mod

Introduction: Laptop Lid Mod

.this 6 years old laptop of mine needs to have a new look. the back was so plain and simple, so i added a new and personal glowing logo.

Step 1: Disassemble and Carving

create your logo.

disassemble your laptop ,remove the lcd from the housing

copy your logo to the housing.

cut the foil on the back of your housing enough for your logo

now cut your logo through the housing, i used a cutter and exacto knife

now you can see your logo through and through place a plexiglass on the inside of the housing. color of the glowing logo depends on the color of the plexiglass.

Step 2: Fix

my laptop webcam wires are blocking the logo so i have to extend the wires to make it go around my logo

Step 3: Reassmble

reassemble your laptop and your done.

if you failed to cut the logo without scratching the housing you need to rapaint your laptop or you can just put a carbon fiber sticker to cover the scratches

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    6 years ago

    Looks awsome going to do this with a old laptop

    Gabz Dela Paz
    Gabz Dela Paz

    6 years ago

    i taped the paper on top of the case then cut it using small blade, cut it enough to mark the case with the logo/design then remove the paper....


    6 years ago

    But, how did you transfered the logo from the paper to the case?