Introduction: Laptopholder

The blueprint I provided is made for a 13” macbook
If your computer has other measurements or you
want to change the laptopmodel I made, please
feel free to remodel it!

Step 1: Measurements:

measure up the lenght and the width of your laptop

the cross of the laptopholder is as big as the full width of your laptop and around 2/3 of the length

Step 2:

to calculate the length of cross (C) you fill in the next formula:  A2+ B2 = C2

for example: the laptop is 31,5(l)x22(w)
   so A (width)  = 22 B (2/3 of the laptop length) = 21
   22 + 21 = C2
   441 + 361 = C2
   801 = C2
   √801 = C
   28,3 = C
   this laptopholder cross has a lenght of 28,3cm

the length of the back of the laptopholder is the same as de length of the computer

now you’ve all the measurements to make the laptopholder fit to your own laptop!

Step 3: Blueprint:


Step 4: Printing:

place your material (the example is made from perspex, 3mm thick) in the lasercutter

import the blueprint (DWG file) in Illustrator

settings: colour mode: RGB
  cutting stroke colour: R 255, G 0, B 0 (full red)
  cutting stroke wigth: 0.0254 pt


check the following settings befor you start printing:

Step 5:

start printing!

Step 6: Finishing:

push the lasercutted figures carefully out

(in case you used perspex) remove the plastic protection layers

Step 7: Product:

now you have your own laptopholder wich you can you can use in 3 different hights:

Step 8: Tip!

to make a perfect fit: lasercut the connectionpoints (the rectangles inside of the figures) a bit smaller. And scrape the edges in a 45 angle.