Introduction: Laser Burner (to Burn Matches or Pop Balloons)

i always wanted to build a laser-pointer/burner

that can burn matches, pop balloons, and possibily turn on fire.

due the safitly you need to add at least 2 switches, and 1 pushbutton.

this will decrease the risk of acidentally burning someone's eyes out.

material needed:

1-Adjustable Voltage Regulator LM317T
1- 100 ohm Potentiometer 2- 10 ohm Resistors 1- 1N4001 Rectifier Diode1- 47uf 35v Capacitor1- Any Size PCB Board1- Any Solder1- Any Soldering Iron1- Power Switch (I like momentary push buttons)1- 12x30mm Aixiz laser housing Click Here2- Spools of wire ( Red and Black )- You will need at least a 6 volt Power source.


Step 1: Soldering the Materials

if you have a prototype pcb you can solder the parts yourself

if you want to do it more advanced, you can make a custom pcb board.

and then solder the parts more easily,

(i have yet to fully solder mine) (i dont have a good working laser diode yet)

Step 2: Bonus:

if you want to make it look more cool

you can buy a cheap ass plastic toy gun with sounds. (it needs to be large enough to fit the protoboard)

or 3d print a case yourself

Step 3: Picking the Laser Diode

there are many different types of diode's


old DVD drive

more expensive:

3-5$ from internet

look at their intial specs, to look how powerfull thei are

if you want to do it easier you can use a arduino diode, or a pre-build diode with just 2 wires.

Step 4: Testing


now you have finished the laser,

you can try testing it our.

if it does not burn/pop things at once, you might want to use some lenses, to confine the laser beam to a smaller one.

for the lenses, i dont know wich factors you need.

(the smaller the laser-beam the more powerfull it is)

(will upload gifs/a video later)

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