Introduction: Laser Guitar

Submission for laser contest.  Laser guitar, frets are wired to 3 lasers.  Every string makes contact with the fret, completing the circuit for the appropriate laser.
 Future design will involve 6 different color lasers, 1 laser for each string
sorry about the video, needed it dark for the lasers.  view the pics for the detail on the guitar....

I have been working on this project with  Stefan VonFouts,a friend of mine. We decided to build an electric six string guitar that emits one separate laser beam for every individual string that is played on the fret board. I apologize for my lack of knowledge about the proper names for the anatomy of a guitar so you band geeks don't bash on me too hard! Thank you in advance.....
  Basically the electric guitar strings are steel and the frets are steel. When you isolate and insulate each string individually from each other and use the contact of the string to the fret it acts as a switch. When you play a chord the strings contact a common ground (frets) and complete the circuit to the laser pointers attached to the head of the guitar.
There are issues of power and insulating the strings from the frets but other than that it is pretty straight forward.
This design is based on a 3 laser array, 1 laser is wired for every 2 strings.

I apologize about the quality of the video portion, it had to be dark to see the lasers, the UV center laser is not that bright compared to the green.

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