Introduction: Launch It! Wood Sling Shot

true wooden sling shot max range 200 feet, 71 miles per hour! just uses 6 rubber bands wood frame string re-enforced.

Now u could just pick up a Y shaped stick that u found and use it but it wont be as strong and its more fun to make your own frame.

this instructable is easy to do it will take more than 1 day to build because its constructed with 5 min epoxy so you have to give it time to dry i finished it in 2 days working off and on.

Always use safety glasses when shooting a previous sling design had a habit of firing backwards on occasion, thank god i didnt have contacts back then or id be blind in one eye.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

you will need:
3 5 inch X 3/8ths X 3/8ths balsa wood (aprox) 2 inch X 3/8ths X 3/8ths balsa wood (aprox) 5 min epoxy (craft/hobby store)4-8 rubber bands depending on size thickness and strechyness stirring sticks for epoxycup for mixing epoxy clamp/vice scissorswire cuter stringcloth  for sling (see below)(i just used [ Rags IN a Box]) staplerabout a cup of flower
(i just used Rags IN a Box) as a substitute for cloth

Build in well ventilated area like out side or garage
always use safety glasses when firing
never shoot a living person tree or animal
(unless your using in paint ball which i dont recommend)
im not responsible for any thing you do if you damage something your self or some one not my fault

Step 2: Cut/glue Frame

before you begin gluing get about a half cup of flower and put it in a small bowl close at hand, after you glue theirs a good chance you'll have some glue on your hands you could: not do any thing and have sticky finger, wait a day or two for your skin cells to die and flake off or you could rub some flower into your hands and when the glued dries aprox 5min it will just fall of then and your hands wont be sticky.

cut a 45 angle off 2 pieces of wood

Mix the epoxy

glue the 2 pieces together wait about 5 min and glue the other piece on

with the 2 inch piece of balsa cut 2 pieces with 2 45 angles (see picture) and glue them into place. let dry

Step 3: Reforce Frame Pt 1

you need to re-enforce the frame.

trace the out line of the joint area with a pencil on some scrap balsa repeat like in pictures

glue using clamps let dry

Step 4: Re-enforce Part 2

this uses string and epoxy to make an extremely strong bond.

rap each arm in string like in pictures proceed to rap the rest of the joint area
rap about 2 inches down the handle

Glue, glue each side individually and wait for them to each dry

Step 5: Sling

build the sling using cloth (i just used Rags IN a Box) you could also use an old t shirt.

cut a strip the same thickness as the sling you want and 4X as long as the desired sling langth

fold it in half 2 and cut off the ends

cut holes on each end
glue froward of staples

Step 6: Attaching Sling

Step 7: Fire!

just load sling with rocks, acorns, paint balls. what ever will fit in the sling. hold sling shot in dominate hand, pull back aim let go.

If your not satisfied with the range just add more rubber bands but not to many or you could snap th frame