Introduction: Lazer Tag at the Kalahari!

Here are some tips and tricks on how to not suck at laser tag. this is on laser tag at the Kalahari, but you can use these tricks in any laser tag, paintball, or air soft battle.
Don't think you are too young or old to do this, I saw a older couple (60ish) doing fine.
Also this is my first Instructable so if you give helpful advice that would be great.
Now back to laser tag, YAY!

Step 1: Basics

Now the basic layout of the vest. There are 4 targets on the front like the picture, and 2 long targets on the back. Your gun has a readout of the time you have left, you start with five minutes, and you have unlimited shots. When you start you get buzzed in by the worker there. They say no running(ignore that if you don't run you die) and no jumping on the rocks(listen to them on that. One guy tried that and smoked his face on the floor. it was quite funny but it looked like it hurt.)

When the vest says "laser armed" that means you can be shot, then "Laser runner on" that means you can shoot(It seems kind of backwards to me but O well) . You need to aim for the targets on the other people's vests. There are NO teams so every man for them self, unless you want to make a trues with someone(really good idea if you know them and know they won't shoot you.) The colors don't mean anything. And I hope everyone knows this but when you pull the trigger it shoots. When you get shot the vest "powers down" temporarily, you know that by the vest buzzing and the vest colors going away. You can't shoot for 5 seconds when it "reboots" and you cant be shot.

Step 2: Layout of Field

Now that you know how it works here is the layout(for the one in The Wisconsin Dells). This is the basic shape, there are fluorescent colored rocks all over. The orange color is the entrance. The red squares are targets that when are shot make a really loud noise. The green square is a target like the red ones but gives you points instead of an ear killing noise. The blue and purple areas are bases (really good if you have a group of people, but easy to get over run if you are by yourself.)

Step 3: Styles

OK there are a bunch of ways to play, here are some general ones.

Rapid-fire You pull the trigger as fast as you can and try to get it in the spots on the vest.
Pros, don't need to be a good aim, quicker aim, easier to get kills.
Cons, easier to spot, worse aim, makes more noise.
Summery - This is my favorite way, you don't need to aim great just get it close. But not good at long range.
When to use - When you are going around and you see someone just as you come around a corner, and when there is a big group of them.

sniping- You line up a shot and get them in one or two shots.
Pros, don't give you away as easily, less noise, can get them from a ways away.
Cons, not the best when there is a big group firing at you, need to be a goodish aim, takes time.
summery - good at a distance against one or two people, if you are good at it use that, if you aren't don't.
when to use - use it when you are in a base or through a hole, aim at their back if you can, try to not be seen.

assassinating- you sneak up and shoot them in the back when they aren't looking.
pros, almost no risk if you do it right, can get a whole base if you are good.
Cons, you can be killed pretty fast if you are loud, not sneaky or slow, get people pretty mad at you.
summery - good if you can get right up to them with them seeing you, but some say it is cheap.
when to use - any opportunity! It is a great way to rack up points.

Step 4: Tips

shoot at targets, it helps your points and aim.

get to know the area

Don't sit in one place too long

when you get shot run to a new hiding place.

Use cover all the time

Don't be a cocky or a snotty player (It makes the game less fun for everyone and every one aims for you)

RUN! RUN! RUN! just don't get Caught. The game is less fun if you can't play it.

hide in corners.

don't follow people around shooting them (they get REALLY mad).

If you are in a base or behind rocks and people are shooting at you, pop out let off a few shots and go back in.

team up, there is strength in numbers.

have fun, if you don't have fun what is the point of going there?

take breaks when you are tired, thirsty, or hungry and rest.

Step 5: Final

OK now you know the basics, have an overview, have some advice and hopefully are better at laser tag.

Have fun, stay safe, and don't get Caught running!