Introduction: Lazy Man Spaghetti

i love good food. i can't afford expensive restaurant. and i'm so lazy to cook.

and here's a recipe so simple, even your kids know how to cook. 

*p/s: its real... your kids can do this

Step 1: Step 1: Your Tools, Skill, and Ingredient

all u need is...
1. slow cooker (crock pot)
2. knife
3. peeler
4. chopping skill (not karate chop)

for the ingredients, you can add in whatever you want. but as for this dish, you'll need:
1. some potatoes
2. some carrots
3. salt and pepper
4. some beef
5. onions
6. garlics
7. beef stock cube (or chicken stock cube. if you're a vegetarian, add vegetarian cube)
8. hot water
9. parsley
10. itallian herbs
11. oregano spice
12. a few stalk of celery
13. button mushroom
14. bay leaves
15. tomato puree/paste
16. tomatoes

Step 2: Step 2: Prepare the Food

here's what u need to do with the ingredients.
1. peel
2. chop
3. slice/mince

strip the celery, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, garlic, onions, and cube them with a knife. (if you're lazy to chop them, get them in cubes in supermarket)

mince the meat if you wanted to. you can slice the meat into biting size cubes too, its up to you.
marinate the beef with some salt and pepper, chopped garlic, and oregano spice.
for the best flavoring, you can get a pan, heat it with some oil, and grill the beef cubes for 5 minutes, flip over the cubes to make sure each side of the beef cubes are golden brown before you pour  the cubes into the slow cooker.
but this is a lazy man's recipe so you can skip this troublesome grilling step.

stock cube:
strip the beef/chicken cube wrapper, throw it in a bowl and pour in some hot water. stir till the cube melts into the water

wait.. you would be questioning me right now.. how much should we add per ingredient? like how many carrots should we use? how many potatoes?

I've had enough math during junior classes, i'm lazy in counting stuffs already. so, i just get whatever i could find in the kitchen. you can add in celery, tomatoes, sweet potatoes or whatever. as long as all these filled up 9/10 of your slow cooker

Step 3: Step 3: Cooking the Food

just throw everything you have just prepared into the pot. bear in mind the vegetables will ooze out some water during the cooking process, try not to add too much water into the pot, otherwise it will turn into tomato soup instead of paste. give it a light stir. and close the lid of the pot

since it is cooked with slow cooker, you will need about 8 hours to cook this dish on LO setting, or 4 hrs on HI setting.

turn the slow cooker on, and you can now go facebook for 8 hours, play games for 8 hours, go for a movie marathon, or you could just sit there and watch it cooked if you have the time. as for myself, i usually go to bed. and i tellin' u, each time i prepare this dish, i woke up the next day with a wonderful smell comin' from my kitchen into my bedroom. i can't help myself but getting my feet on the floor and walk to the kitchen as soon as i woke up. its better than my stupid alarm clock that could never wake me up every morning.

*do not open the lid often. every once you open the lid, i takes about 20 minutes to warm up again. 

Step 4: Step 4: Serving the Lazy Man Spaghetti

you can serve this dish with noodle/pasta or rice. it taste wonderful with bread too.

you could also chop some onion spring, or add some parsley for flavoring and decoration purposes. 

like i said earlier, even if your lazy to cook, this dish is so simple even  your kids can cook for you!

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