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Introduction: Leather Glasses Case

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This leather glasses case is super easy to make - it'll only take 10-15 minutes :D

You can make this glasses case from any leather or pleather, and even line it with felt it you're feeling fancy. This glasses case definitely won't protect from crushing or breakage, but it'll help lengthen the life of your lenses.

And the best part about this project? You can use scraps!

Step 1: What You'll Need

  • at least 7x7 inch square of leather or pleather (medium thickness is best - not too rigid)
  • scissors/x-acto knife
  • rotary punch (I bought one from Tandy Leather)
  • 1/8 inch wide leather lacing
  • glasses for reference
  • clips of some sort to hold the leather together (I'm using mini clothespins)
  • pencil or pen for marking cut line

You'll also want an awl and a head pin or some sort of thin but sturdy wire to make the lacing easier. :D

Measure your glasses against the sheet of leather you'd like to use before you start - the pieces you're using will need to fold comfortably over the glasses and allow for a bit of a seam allowance. If it's a tight fit, try to find something a couple inches wider.

Step 2: Shape the Case

I like to clean up the top and bottom edges first by cutting them so they're straight. Then lay the leather down and fold it in half - place your glasses on top and draw around them, leaving at least an inch all around.

Curve the bottom for a better shape and look.

My finished piece measured about 7 x 7 inches, if you pretend the bottom corners are still there. :D

Step 3: Punch the Holes

Fold the leather back over on itself and clip/clamp it together.

Use the smallest rotary punch and start to punch all around the edges. I just eyeballed it, but feel free to measure it out and mark!

I tried to make the holes no closer than 1/4 inch, and no further away from the edge than 1/8 inch.

Step 4: Lacing Prep

Cut a piece of the lacing that's about double the length of the open edge.

For easier lacing (because it can be really frustrating to try to shove it through all by itself) take an awl and poke a hole in the very end of the lace.

Insert a head pin into the hole and pull it through until the lace rests against the flat head of the pin.

If you don't have a head pin, you can use regular wire and just bend the end very slightly so the lace catches on it.

Step 5: Lacing

Tie a small, tight knot in the end of the lace opposite the "needle" we just made.

Pass the needle and lace through the both holes at the very bottom of the case. Bring the needle around the edge and then back down through the next two facing holes. Continue until you reach the other end, and tie another small knot. If you do it right, your stitches will be diagonal instead of straight. Trim the ends as much as you like. :)

Now you can alter and decorate as you please - I decided to shave the top layer of the leather off around the opening to add a little contrast.

You're done!! Now you've got a sturdy glasses case to keep your glasses from being destroyed in your bag/nightstand/medicine cabinet... wherever it is that your glasses keep getting destroyed. :P

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8 years ago

not like as I expected


8 years ago on Step 5

i think this might be a cool idea to make a knife or sword sheath. thanks for the how to and inspiration


8 years ago on Introduction

so pretty jessy! love the turquoise stitching!

just yesterday
i read that it's a good idea to buy a leather couch at goodwill etc
just for the leather to make stuff, and i am seriously thinking about
doing that! thanks for the great tutorial =)


8 years ago on Introduction

This is very pretty! :) The technique that you used for the lacing is really clever, I must remember it!