Led Kind Off Night Light

Introduction: Led Kind Off Night Light

About: 15 year old boy that lives in sweden!

this is my first instructabele!
if you wonder why this are pretty bad, because my budget has been blown this month buying an xbox to mod.

and everything you need for this project is:
9 v battery (mine was used so it had only around 5-6v)
double sided tape and a knife
Led ( you can oci the color^^)

Step 1: Preparations

what you need:
double sided tape and knife
9 v battery

Step 2: Assembly

cut out a decent amount of double sided tape and put it on the battery

*Tip before you attach it to the wall, make sure the tape can be taped to the wall*

Step 3: Add Led

The light emitting diode has two legs, the cathode and the anode.
for newbies
the cathode is minus and has a shorter leg, and the anode has a longer leg.

so the cathode should be put inside the -pole of the battery, and the anode should be put in the +pole of the battery

if you have done it right, the led should light up, if not, try to reverse the diode.
alternative, check the battery

Step 4: Result

look how awesome it lights up a small area.
once again, sry for the bit of lame project, but my budget wasn't good this month because of the xbox...


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    13 years ago on Step 3

    either that's a really hefty led, or, more likely, that battery's almost dead. you would need a resistor for this.


    Reply 13 years ago on Step 3

    i checked the battery and it is at 3 volts, thanks for pointing this out
    i fix that tomorrow


    Reply 13 years ago on Step 3


    I once had a nine volt battery flashlight that would work on an almost dead battery. it was wierd, because it had a resistor.


    Reply 13 years ago on Step 3


    I just bought 2 blacklight leds. what should I do with em?