Led Room Lighting




Introduction: Led Room Lighting

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lighting a room with 12v 5050 size lighting strings can also be used for emergency solar run lighting

Step 1: Light String

from ebay I bought some 5050 cool white led strings 15 ft long with 12v 5a power adaptor each string draws around 2.5 amps. these strings are waterproff and have a self sticking backing. removing the protectio9n from back I stuck the string along the top of wall on one side of room. at the end I connected the power adapter to an x10 receiver for remote operation. the x10 remote was a push button panel for a light switch.

Step 2: Remote Receiver

the remote receiver for power switching

Step 3: Controls

the remote hand and wall controls .

Step 4: Finished Lights

the mounted lights brighten the whole room replacing a central light (if you have one) the room I installed did not have any lights except for desk lights which made the room very dark. with these lights you can read a book without additional lights.

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