Led Throwie Mod, Make It Soar Higher Than Ever!

Introduction: Led Throwie Mod, Make It Soar Higher Than Ever!

this is pretty much step 1 (my bad). ok make a throwie. if you dont know how ill basicly show you. a throwie consists of an led a magnet, tape and a battery. for this instructable YOU CAN LEAVE OUT THE MAGNET IF YOU CHOOSE, IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. for this you will also need a sinker and fishing line.
my first instructable go easy :)
and sorry about paint pix i dont have my camera to pc cable :(

Step 1: Construction of the Throwie Mod

how to construct the throwie mod thingy. for some reason i cant add notes to my pics...
so from top to bottom
fishing line
red thing is knot to stop sinker from killing throwie.
thing at bottom is my throwie version.
enjoy i suppose.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I suppose that you could make this instructable a little more detailed...