Lego Jet Boat

Introduction: Lego Jet Boat

this is an easy build and doesn't take long! enjoy!

Step 1: The Bow

first you will meed to get  9 flat 8 pieces and 9 bricks with 8 nubs. then assemble them together as shown.

Step 2: The Rest of the Boat/ Putting the Two Pieces Together

for the rest of the boat you will want to put together a some bricks with flat pieces under them, and don't forget to build it up.

Step 3: Covering and Putting on Railing

basically all you have to do is put flat pieces across so you have a boarder around the boat and cover the front in perfect fitting smooth pieces like the picture below .then put single wide and however long rods around it !!!!!!

Step 4: Adding the Windshield, Seat and Engine

so now it is the last few steps and the pictures show it all so i hope you enjoyed this and have fun with the boat! :^]

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