Introduction: Lego Star Wars Ships

These are star wars ships that I made a long time ago. I'm sorry but I don't have a video about them.
list of ships:
snow speeder from EP V
millennium falcon EP III,IV,V,VI
A-wing fighter EP VI
snow speeder (blue) EP V
Zam weasels speeder EP II
clone speeder not in a EP
speeder with tail mounted gun not from a EP
speeder with another tail mounted gun not from a EP
speeder for clones
anikan and obi-one use the yellow speeder to chase Zam Wheasel in EP II on Corosant

Step 1:

this is just an additional step that I added for reasons unknown to man.

I apologize for this instructable! It is so old, and I am trying to make it private,but instructables won't let me. :(

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