Introduction: Lemon Pickle

This is the recipe for mouth watering lemon pickle. The pickle is really simple to prepair but takes a while to get ready to eat.
you can eat this with every meal. my mother gives me this when i am kind off ill and there is a sour or bitter taste in mouth!!

Step 1: You Will Need

you will only need
12 lemons medium sized.
1 tablespoon ground black pepper (not finely powdered. or you can take whole pepper and grind it)
and 3/4 cup salt

Step 2: Preparations

If you have whole pepper ground it.
cut the lemons such that there are 6 slices of each lemon. (do not peel off. do not remove the juice.)

Step 3: Lastly

mix all the ingradients and store in a china clay bottle with a cotton cloth tied on top or else you can store it in an air tight glass bottle.(preferably away from direct sunlight). It takes minimum two months to get the pickle ready. after each four or five days you should stir the pickle.
this is very long lasting and can be stored for years!!

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